Week 7: Post 3 7th Oct


7th and 8th of October

The painting I’d started of the perspective drawing is coming along nicely.

Yesterday, I began painting in the brown and yellow grass that’s at the top of the buildings, trying to maintain a “grassy” effect. I intended these colours so that it wouldn’t clash with the enlargened leaves that cluster around the buildings and to suggest malnourishment to the viewer—to, perhaps, even imply that these structures are not healthy and they are most certainly lacking.

On one side of the grass, however, I noticed a lot of blank space around the top of the buildings that carried through onto the sides, even weaving between some of the structures. So, I’ve decided to extend the leaves throughout the entire expanse of the work. Nonetheless, I’ll have to be mindful of this approach because the surface area is still damp from the oil paint, and if I’m not careful, I may mix the grassy areas with the leaves.

All concerns aside, however, I find that I’m very pleased with how the original leaves turned out once the highlights were added—even if I need to touch up a few areas, including leaves and shadows.

Today, I’m going to continue painting the green leaves throughout the rest of the buildings—trying to keep the white lines of the buildings clean where there is no vegetation or greenery. One good thing about oil paint is that I can come back to it a little later and fill in the colours I need. Although, it is worth noting that I haven’t painted much in almost three years, and relearning shading and highlights is a little difficult.



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