Week 12: Post 1 8th Nov

In the end, not much was achieved these few days. On the 8th of November, fishing touches we’re done to the illustrative two point perspective. White frames were purchased  for the work, and the last Finishing Touches mermaid on the wood sculpture that was going to be placed between that two illustration works that would be held on the wall.
The small round table that would hold the structure, was painted another coat of white and left to dry.
Little touches such as the ship in the bottle, and the lightbulb cities, we’re added in as a last thought.
Even though each section was rather small on a big piece of paper, the amount of detail in them, required a lot of time to do. Some areas took well over an hour to get just right, while others took even longer just trying to do the bricks. Making sure every work followed the vanishing points was tricky, and at times I avoided drawing certain structures, just so that I wouldn’t overload myself and muck something up.
Overall, the last piece has come out exceptionally well, and I’m quite proud of it, even though I ran into a lot of roadblocks and dead ends.
This piece alone was probably the hardest to do.

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