Week 11: Post 1 31st Oct

After a second failure from the tape trials, I’ve decided to return back to the original idea I had in place about the tape: setting it, painting it, then removing it from the canvas.

The new piece, however, was going to be a little different. I intend to keep the background white, and it’s going to be the insides of the buildings that are to be painted in. In the end, the result I hope to achieve from this is that the background will blend in with the lines of the building. Therefore, the physical form will become the innards of the structures.

Michael Craig Martin’s usage with tape informed this idea.

In the beginning, each plane of the building would abundant with colour, including reds, greens, blues, yellows and even dashes of greys. However, trying to blend these colours together was, of course, a difficult task, and had to scrap this idea because these colours weren’t appealing merged together like this. So, instead, I turned to darker tones—completely painting over each structure so that they blended well.

The final result was an aesthetically pleasing blend of greys, blues and greens. Then, the tape was stripped off the canvas and I evaluated whether or not that this test run had worked better than the other. Overall, I found that the result was rather impressive and I am so relieved that I’d made the decisions to switch to darker tones.

I’d be quite interested in continuing this method if I ever come to another roadblock and even explore what I might be able to include inside these structures.

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