Week 3: Post 2 6th sep

Taking a break from illustration, I decided to have a little bit of fun and with collages. In an exhibition from a previous year, I found I quite enjoyed taking some of the smaller drawing I had done inside my notebooks and then manipulating sizes from multiple copies. These photocopied drawings were then cut out and pasted together—creating a large collage.

I decided to revisit this method and reimagine it by taking one of the three-point perspective pieces I’d already finished and photocopying that instead. From there, I decided to overlap images from two three-point perspective illustration pieces and form radical patterns. The result was more of a psychedelic look and feel—something that might’ve been produced by a kaleidoscope.

The fun thing about this piece was that I could change the patterns and redirect its form however I pleased. Sometimes, it was wider and other times it took a more “cross-like” shape.

Although, I will admit that I didn’t quite explore isolation very deeply here, or at all, it was almost therapeutic after all the stress I’d experienced throughout the week.

I know I could make a piece from this idea, large enough to fill an entire A1 sized paper. However, at this present time, I will have to set it aside and return to it another day.


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