Week 2: Post 1

28th of August
Today is just a continuation, and the finishing touches of the PowerPoint that I will be presenting on Wednesday the 30th.
Using my exemplar that Mazin had provided for me to work off, I came up with a basic timeline.

It was created in the form of a bar graph, showing a different activities in different colours, and how they related to each week of The Project.
These activities included; Research, documentation, concept A, concept B, concept C, testing and evaluation, committee meetings, presentations, display, exhibition, and also part-time work outside of EIT.
It is a basic timeline to follow off, keeping me on track with my work.

However, due to my tendency of starting a piece and then leaving it for a few weeks to think about before finishing it off, I’m not sure how well I’m going to stick to this timetable.
However for the sake of my project, and my sanity, I’m going to attempt to stick with this.

Time Table.JPG
My Exhibition statement for the presentation, worked out like this:

“My work will focus on the social impacts that structures, such as high rise buildings, have on the community”
Next was the paragraph that went into a little more depth with that one-sentence statement.
It continued; “Use of perspective layout, my illustrations will express the idea of gated communities, isolation from the outside world, and how high rise structures become something that is ‘a finite and encapsulated world in and of itself’.
Every work will not contain the actual physical form of a human, however the evidence of their presence will be seen in signs and structures.
The three pieces of work planned will be large scale the smallest being A1.”

Although I know the amount of work and what will be in the exhibition could change in later weeks, it is the beginning, or base structure, of my project.Statement.JPG


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