The Idea: Perspectives at the Ready

So, I have this Crazy thing for perspectives. And Everyone has their own perspective on something, similar or not. The way I work is following a certain set of rules (that of the points in which everything follows), and then I mess with it.

I combine and collide forms and structures, lines together with three dimensional shapes. There is structure as well as disorder, all mish-mashed into a form.

A project that has been assigned is to write out a manifesto and have an accompanying artifact (a piece of work) to support both the manifesto and ourselves.

There are restrictions of course.

The Manifesto needs to be no longer then 500 words, and the artifact needs to be something that can be sent in the mail, preferably something that can be reproduced in a short amount of time.

I’ve decided to base my manifesto on perspectives, something I believe that not only reflects my work, but also me now and further on. It is something constant, and yet always changing.

Below is a previous piece of work that I want to base my artifact off, something that could represent my passions in both sculpture and illustration.



Time will tell how this proceeds!


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