Help From Another Perspective:

Never be afraid to ask for help.

I was in such a rut as to where to go, that all creative process and progress came to a halt, and it was stressing me out.

So to try and sort it out, I went for help from a fellow studio mate, because sometimes you just need that other persons view on the matter. I’m thankful to say that the conversations we had (although going for half the day) was incredibly inspiring.

After telling her the problems I was facing, she asked me questions and as I explained what I wanted, she wrote them down how she saw each point. Reviewing it, we began the process again, with new questions. I did the same with her manifesto too, bouncing off ideas and looking at something from a different angle.

Below is one of the examples of her writing down the key things as I talked about the meanings the 3D and 2D forms could have for me.

If we hadn’t taken that time to sit and chat over ideas, I believe that I would still be in that rut and not be as confident in my work as I am now.

Shitty photo, I know. It will be updated soon.




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