Side work in progress


So been doing this for the past 3 months to experience what it is like using cotton to create a picture.

Form the Pegasus Originals Inc, This piece was called Elegance of Spring, and i fell in love at first sight with its beautiful arrangement and colours, how the figure is centered to draw the eye, but the mass of flowers that she is observing is to the right, giving it the idea that she is moving passed flower beds instead of being stationary in the middle.

I’m modifying the colours of the sky ever-so-slightly due to the lack of cotton for that one colour, instead using stuff that is one shade darker then the original, to allow me to cover the sky and provide a little more depth with it, instead of being one flat, solid colour.

So far I’m enjoying the experience, and hope to soon make one without a template, and see how it turns out.


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