Two-Faces: Portraits

So yesterday we were asked to draw facial expressions of only one half of the face at a time (for example the eyes and nose, or the mouth and nose).

We were encouraged to make them as wacky as we wanted, some going cross-eyed, some poking out their tongues, and more.

Once we were finished as much as we could, we placed them on a big table together with the rest of the classes, and proceeded to take turns making facial expressions from two halves of a face. Some where hilarious, others bizarre, and many were very un-proportional, like my own for example.

However, by the end of the day, it was fun and interesting, with so many wacky portraits at the end of it.

Faces all grouped up together. (Photo is extremely dark to hide the people in the background encase they didn’t want to be in the photo, as well as to add emphasis to the images on paper.
Top half of the face is my drawing, the combination formed by another member.
This is my own combination of a face. As you can see, it’s one of those portraits that is very un-proportional.
All the half portraits of everyone scattered across the table waiting to be used.

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