Week 13: Post 2 17th Nov

Opening night: Friday the 17th, was the opening night of our Exhibition. It turned out to be an amazing night, taking photos, seeing everyone's work finally put together. All the hard work that everyone had put in was shown on that night. I was quite proud of my own work this year, too. The last... Continue Reading →

Week 13: Post 1 14th Nov

14th of September Today's the day that, after sorting out funeral arrangements, I took my work into Hastings and installed it in the gallery. With the help of my frequent flyer friend, Parewhai the Awesome, she and I managed to transport the two framed illustrations and sculpture to the gallery. Naturally, the set-up crew were... Continue Reading →

Week 12: Post 1 8th Nov

In the end, not much was achieved these few days. On the 8th of November, fishing touches we're done to the illustrative two point perspective. White frames were purchased¬† for the work, and the last Finishing Touches mermaid on the wood sculpture that was going to be placed between that two illustration works that would... Continue Reading →

Week 11: Post 2 4th Nov

Now that I'm out of my metaphorical roadblock, I've returned to working on the illustrative two-point perspective I'd started. After inquiring to relatives, friends and other Ideaschool colleagues, I've finally reached a point where I think I have enough ideas available to continue on and finish filling in the blank areas on this particular piece... Continue Reading →

Week 12: Post 2

12th of November No work has been done since the last update. My grandmother was finally taken in to Hospice Care, and in all the confusion and stress, work was put to the side. Unfortunately, my Nan passed away on the 11th of November. I must apologize for the lack of information being posted as... Continue Reading →

Week 11: Post 1 31st Oct

After a second failure from the tape trials, I've decided to return back to the original idea I had in place about the tape: setting it, painting it, then removing it from the canvas. The new piece, however, was going to be a little different. I intend to keep the background white, and it's going... Continue Reading →

Week 9: Post 2 19th Oct

This week wasn't all that busy, and I spent much of it collecting an abundance of off-cuts. Although, it was suggested that, perhaps, I could include a sculpture in the exhibition. As a result, with these same materials, I decided to add smaller details to pieces that I'd done previously to polish them off. Nonetheless,... Continue Reading →

Week 9: Post 1 16th Oct

Talk with Peter about Sarah Morris First day back at EIT started out well. I have a meeting about the date change for our install opening night and De install, and when our cleanout studios will happen. This particular date has been changed from the 24th November to the 1st of December so that we... Continue Reading →

Week 8: Post 2 11th Oct

11th of October Moving on from the big canvas, I decided I wanted to try another method with a smaller canvas. The idea was that this time, I would leave the tape on the canvas after I painted it. In this way, to see the image you'd have to look clearly to see the raised... Continue Reading →

Week 8: Post 1 09 Oct

Progress of work: This is the where i will be ending the progress on this piece. Although I like the idea behind it, it's not something I want to expand on in this project, or present in the Exhibition. I do want to mention that the lines that the tape left were not as crisp... Continue Reading →

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